I take care of hotel consulting in all its phases:

Feasibility studies

The construction of a hotel needs a coherent project between the market you are going to approach and the financial investment that the company requires.

That’s why it is important to follow very specific steps of analysis in feasibility studies that allow a vision of the company over time and, in parallel, an adequate return of investment.

Through the study of the target, competition, the flow of tourists and many other statistical data, it will be easier to identify the baseline scenario for the operation of the facility, also not to anticipate those times that, because of the investment you are going to make, are necessary for a coherent development between source and business objectives.

Consulting for design and renovation

To be joined by who constantly is up to date on the latest trends of the hotel universe, is definitely an added bonus.

The collaboration with well-known architects of the industry and the synergy with the best suppliers for reliability and seriousness, allow an easy approach to the world of “project management”.

The presence of a hotel consultant serves to balance the creation of the architect with the functionality of the infrastructure, available to those who, in the future, will have to operate in environments and with those instruments.

Advice for design and renovation follows strict rules of budgeting and forecasting of investment, for proper planning and financial resources.

Management and operational consulting

“Guests you wish to have in your hotel, I have met them!”.

Years of experience in the hotel industry, with tasks of increasing responsabilità, , have allowed me to have a through understanding of the customers you aim to have in your facility.

Therefore, it is important to get help from specialists that allow you to make all the coordinated actions for the achievement of corporate objectives.

The view of management consulting and operational ranges from human resources management to the control of management, from costs to revenue forecasts for the financial analysis, from the discovery of new sources of business to techniques to use to keep a client a faithful customer. And there’s more…

Each hotel has its own “soul” and its activities must be planned “ad hoc”. Every project that is implemented is a new adventure that begins…

Temporary management

In some cases, the presence of a consultant company must have higher frequencies, especially when particularly serious situations occur, or when the selection, recruitment and employment of managerial figures is necessary, for which a longer time of analysis is required.

The figure of the “temporary manager” replaces the general director for a short period of time, in order to optimize situations vichi are useful to the achievement of the company.

The “temporary manager”, as well as performing the consulting business, is involved in the operation of the facility and, in the case of finding a general manager, conducts coaching.

Start-up activities

The launch of a hotel requires a set of skills, the respect of time to achieve the objectives, and consistency with the budget.

To avail oneself of a hotel consultant who knows the dynamics for business start-up means a higher chance of hitting the target.

The synergy and coordination of available resources are the winning key to optimization of the time required to open, resulting in the optimization of the positioning of the hotel.

Search, selection and assessment of staff

Human resources are the “heart” of the hotel. In a company with high human content, they are the ones who provide the service, make it unique and remembered as the best service in the world.

The importante of the concept “the right people at the right place” is therefore nourishment for the life of the structure.

The search, selection and recruitment are carried out with techniques that verify the correct correspondence between what the  candidate offers and what the company needs.

The periodic evaluation of the performance of the staff allows to verify the advances in skills and the level of motivation to perform their duties.

Staff training

“When the directors and owners of hotels will realize that in the evening, when they close the office and go home, they are leaving their main resource (the guests) in the hands of people who are not prepared, then they will understand the real value of training.”

To invest in training is to believe in the human potential of our hotel.

To train staff is to infuse motivation, sense of belongings to the company, and to increase their skills and professionalism in the service of the guests.

Piergiorgio Mosconi is able to hold training sessions on operational aspects of the management of a hotel:

  • Training for hotel openings
  • Front Office, Booking
  • Housekeeping
  • Food & Beverage
  • Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Communication
  • Team Building
  • Administration and Management Amministrazione e Controllo di Gestione
  • Revenue Management
  • Web Marketing and Brand Reputation Management
  • Main PMS in use
  • … and others…

The use of a network of successful professionals as specialized trainers in the various operation areas makes the training more flexible to the needs of each facility.

Web marketing

The Internet world is always growing and the presence of structures on the web is of unquestionable importance. But you must do it the right way and by taking actions to optimize the investment and the results to be obtained.

The availability of information on the web is growing rapidly, as well as reviews.

Although the technique of “word of mouth” as never waned, the presence of a hotel in the virtual world must be managed and optimized.

From the management of online distribution to the presence on review sites: the presence of a hotel consultant who knows these dynamics means investing in visibility and optimize this important “window on the world”.

Revenue management

In a market characterized by strong dynamism, the revenue maximization needs more attention to the achievement of corporate objectives.

The application of techniques of revenue management requires knowledge of demand throughout the year and proper planning of prices to be applied to the various customer segments.

This flexibility, if consistently applied, allows the optimization of your turnover.

Creating long term business plans and budgets

The correct and prudent management of a hotel or restaurant needs business planning, and occupancy, revenues and costs forecasting.

A company that “navigate at sight”, even if it survives, does not always reach the goals that instead, through the creation of business plans and budget, could get.

The creation of management control tools, shared with the management or ownership of the facility, allows higher safety in the choices and excellent tools to safe reliability for economic-financial choices.

Management control

“A commander always know where his ship goes!”.

That’s why it’s important to know, day after day, the curves of revenue and costs, both in their final form and forecast.

The implementation of a proper management control allows the maximization of revenues, optimize costs, reduce waste, control on service standards imposed, the level of customer’s satisfaction.

Evaluation of company performance - Hotel check-up

Through a series of parameters, activities of “due diligence” are conducted to address the assessment of corporate performance. Revenue and costs are mainly analyzed, but also the standard of a hotel delivery service.

The preparation of a summary document completes the evaluation exercise, in which stages of current activities and possible improvements will be highlighted.

Quality certifications

To certify means to ensure that the service provided meets precise standards.

In collaboration with partner companies, I offer advice for certification activities of the service (ISO, Eco-label, Klima Hotel, etc…)